8/20/2020 - The young Sicilian talents in the world award to Andrea Sarri
The Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation focuses on the dance that has been missing from Taormina and its Theatre for some years with a magical evening on an initiative of the first dancer Alessio Carbone: 11 Italian dancers who have managed to emerge in one of the most prestigious and competitive companies in the world, the guardian of the classical tradition and laboratory open to modernity. Les Italiens de l'Opéra de Paris will offer an anthology of solos and two excerpts from the great classical repertoire along with contemporary dance pieces. A Gala evening that offers the precious opportunity to see confirmed the significant artistic figure of Italian dancers active abroad. Among these excellences of international dance also emerges a young Sicilian, the 22-year-old Andrea Sarri, who entered the Dance Ecole of the Paris Opera in 2008, at the age of nine, who fulfilled his dream of joining the Company in 2016 and brilliantly overcame the entry competition. Since then, he has regularly participated in the productions of the Compagnia, in Paris and touring the world, also playing solo roles; he expects a successful career. Andrea Sarri will receive the young Sicilian talents in the world award on August 22nd at the Ancient Theatre from the hands of the Regional Councilor for Education and Training On. Roberto Lagalla.