8/11/2020 - Success for Gabriele Lavia in the double role of theatre director and actor
Double appointment for Gabriele Lavia after the long lockdown for this season of performances at the Teatro Antico organized by the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation as director in one of Euripides' best-known tragedies, Medea, which premieres on August 8 with Federica Di Martino and Simone Toni and as the sole interpreter of Fedor Dostoyevsky's The Dream of a Ridiculous Man on August 9. After twenty-six years an expected and welcome return that brought the Theatre back to a magical place and created atmospheres, emotions, beauty. Gabriele Lavia brings everything into the theatre, with what he is and thinks he is and what he thinks and believes is life. This was demonstrated by the religious wait for the rain-soaked national premiere of Medea, which began late and the religious silence with which the public witnessed The Dream of a Ridiculous Man. The great director and actor embracing virtually his audience and contemplating the Ancient Theatre, - theater he knows well -, said "Medea is the most important show of my life, it seems that there is not even the director. With my adaptation I took the tragedy of Euripides to a room, where husband and wife, Jason and Medea collide. All the characters and the choir fall into them. It is a chamber Euripides, its dramaturgy (which remains all) is reported in a style that we could define from Strindberg-Pinter. Then The dream of a ridiculous man gives us the hypothesis of a pure and wonderful world that does not withstand the impact with the protagonist, who now lived his life indoors, oblivious to the possibilities of man. We do not go out underground for lack of love for others."Long applause from a large and attentive audience for two lovely performances. The programming of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation continues with "Keeping Up with the Temples", the show written and directed by Marco Savatteri and produced by the House of Musical with the extraordinary participation of illusionist Alexis Arts and opera soprano Rossana Potenza. A show that will take us together with the Gods back in time at dawn on August 19th at the Ancient Theatre."Testimonial" of Taormina Arte 2020, present on the official poster of the event, The Priest of Isis, an important archaeological find found in Taormina and a refined and particularly rare testimony of the Roman cult (of Egyptian origin) of Isis and Jupiter Serapide in Sicily and in particular in Taormina, for a cultural season strongly desired, symbol of rebirth, of desired harmony, symbol of life.The 2020 programming at the Ancient Theatre is organized by the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, with the Regional Council Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, the Regional Council of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, the Municipality of Taormina and the Archaeological Park Naxos-Taormina.