8/24/2020 - Eleonora Abbagnato will be the protagonist of LOVE, a new creation by Giuliano Peparini staged on 2 September at the Ancient Theater
Eleonora Abbagnato, the étoile of the Opéra de Paris and director of the Ball of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, appreciated for her vigorous technique and interpretative strength, will return to dance on 2 September in the magical setting of the Ancient Theater in a work that the director / choreographer Giuliano Peparini does not hesitate to define “a celebration of love in all its variations and facets”.There will certainly be romantic love, that of a couple; but not only because, Peparini recalls, in this period of world pandemic we have rediscovered love in other important forms: love for the environment, desire to protect our neighbor (from this virus, but also from other diseases or disasters) , tenderness for ourselves. Love of which, in this moment we have discovered that we have a strong need.There will not be a specific story, but a set of moments, of small parentheses of situations concerning that feeling which is the most powerful weapon of humanity.LOVE is developed in solos, two or three steps, group dances with a dance troupe that Peparini, thanks to the experience in this sense in the Amici television program, will be able to make dance in compliance with the currently required social distancing. They will also dance on stage all together, therefore, each one and a half meters away from the other, as if to signify that we must love even from a distance.A handicap for a choreographer, this of distance, but also an interesting challenge overcome brilliantly. One of the recurring themes in Peparini's works is precisely space: the metaphysical and physical space of the stage that has always fascinated him, having also formed artistically at the school of Jacques Lecocq, the promulgator of physical theater.LOVE is a one-time job, lasting about an hour. The soundtrack will be a collage of various songs - since love is also varied - and the choreographer is not afraid of mixing baroque music and songs by Frank Sinatra. Within the soundtrack there will also be a mini suite of Vivaldi's Four Seasons reworked by French composer Catherine Lara for Bô (signed by Peparini), awarded in 2018 as the best French show of the year.LOVE is a work that tells of our times where a new lifestyle must be harmonized with the desire to fully rediscover the emotions and with a crackling desire to live.Together with the most famous Sicilian étoile in the world, Giacomo Castellana, Soloist of the Rome Opera House, Virna Toppi, prima ballerina of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and Simone Miriam Agrò, Gabriele Beddoni, Gianlorenzo De Donno, Alessio Gaudino, Javier Rojas Hernandez will dance , Andreas Antonio Müller, Virginia Tomarchio. Eleonora Abbagnato's costumes signed by DIOR . The costumes of the dancers are by Ezio Cristo. The lights are by Giuliano Peparini himself with the collaboration of Alessandro Caso. The Choreography Assistants are Germana Bonaparte and Francesco Saracino. Artistic supervision is curated by Veronica Peparini. The assistant director is Bruno Centola.