8/21/2020 - Success at the Ancient Theatre for the show Al passo coi templi
Enthusiasm and success for "Al Passo con Templi", the show written and directed by Marco Savatteri and produced by "House of Musical" that took place on 19th August at dawn at the Ancient Theatre of Tarmina in an unpublished adaptation for the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, inside the billboard Taormina Arte. After winning thousands of spectators last year between the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and Venice, a new stage version to tell "The Awakening of the Gods" was a huge success today in Taormina. A single performance with a cast of 50 performers including singers, dancers and actors including the Catalan Silvio Laviano, a careful connoisseur of the classic texts who has played impeccably both Zeus and Ulysses and the extraordinary participation of two international artists: the illusionist and dancer Alexis Arts, as Hermes, and the lyrical soprano Rossana Potenza in those of Hera , the queen of the gods. "A refit designed specifically for the Ancient Theatre of Taormina that serves as a wish for all of an awakening after the lockdown imposed by the pandemic – says author and director Savatteri -. Man has forgotten that he is part of nature and not his master, a point of the universe rather than its center. Myth, through the gods, questions us, admonishes us and wants to show a way out." The audience present at the Ancient Theatre, among the most beautiful archaeological areas of Sicily, had the pleasure of witnessing deities and heroes of the classical world. Sleeping statues that have come to life thanks to the skilful use of makeup and stage costumes. The performance included together the different performing arts, moments of ritual and divinatory dance, original music inspired by the sounds of the time, a cappella songs and lyrical moments, stage actions, epic duels such as the one between Hector and Achilles and special effects such as the fire stolen from Prometheus, central in this stage version. The spectators have pleasantly followed the games of Fauno, Satyrs and Nymphs, contemplating the gods and heroes of the Myth, and together with the protagonists of the scene, they were able to enjoy the enchantment of the panorama unveiled at sunrise from the cavea of the Ancient Theatre facing Etna and the bay of Giardini-Naxos.