7/28/2020 - Medea by Euripides for the direction of Gabriele Lavia on 8th August at the Ancient Theatre
Thirty-six years have passed and Gabriele Lavia, artistic director of the prose section of Taormina Arte from 1984 to 1994, that this theatre therefore knows well in the double role of director before and actor soon after, will stage on August 8, in the national premiere, Medea di Euripides, a particular reduction made by Lavia himself with interpreters Federica Di Martino and Simone Toni.This "our" Medea, - says Lavia -, wants to be faithful to the text, to the "word" of Euripides and, at the same time, "unfaithful" to her. In other words, the structure of Greek tragedy: the choir, the message, all the characters, come as "swallowed" by a new contemporary structure, in a close, bitter dialogue between the unfaithful husband and the betrayed wife. Thus the paradigm of a "certain" modern and shameless drama completely deconstructs the dramaturgy of the Greekness of the wonderful tragedy of Euripides to return it "undressed". In a close, frantic, cruel and bitter dialogue. An "hour" and "here" recognizable in our "today". The tragedy of the mother mad with love and pain, empties and falls short of every "classic memory" to fill herself up and get rich essentially only with misunderstanding, pain, jealousy, unhappiness, madness, revenge... These are the feelings that overwhelm wife and husband, in a long, terrible, painful "Scene from a Marriage". The feeling of loss, of emptying, of disorientation from a "scope-ancient" to a condition "our", in strict respect for the poetic "text", takes away from the viewer any aesthetic pre-concept around a certain "modern show" of an ancient text. Let's imagine a symphony that is played in Jazz only by two "lovely and virtuous" instruments that holding in our hearts the "tragedy" of Euripides "for two lonely voices" in a ruthless duet that leaves the viewer literally breathless. What we call tradition is a "temporal" concept. In the sense that an ancient time is transferred, "betrayed", in the time of "today" which is time-modern. It is through this "way" that we are the "time". Modern is our way of being Time. This "rigorous" tradition of time is the commitment in the deep sense to give ourselves "in pledge" in our necessary show". Tickets already in pre-sale :http://www.ctbox.it/C24/3751/Content.aspx/Eventi/Teatro/Medea_08_08_2020