7/28/2020 - Gabriele Lavia on August 9th at the Ancient Theatre with The Dream of a Ridiculous Man
On the stage of the Ancient Theatre Gabriele Lavia was Richard III, Hamlet, Macbeth, dueled with Kleist in a theatrical interpretation and reduction passed to the history of Taormina Arte, on August 9 returns after so many years for a magnificent performance in Fedor Dostoyevsky's The Dream of a Ridiculous Man. The play offers a deep and passionate reflection on the condition of the human being. The monologue represents a world that has been condemned to suffering, self-reclusive, clenched and forced into a metaphorical straitjacket, condition and impediment of all good deeds. Dostoyevsky conceives The Dream of a Ridiculous Man as a fantastic tale, written around 1876 and initially included in a writer's Diary. Story of a man who retraces his life and the reasons why he has always felt alien to society. Determined to kill himself, he falls asleep in front of the loaded gun and begins an extraordinary dream that leads him to the discovery of the truth. He arrives on another planet, where the inhabitants are pure and innocent, and in that purity he for the first time is not referred to as ridiculous. Its arrival, however, contaminates the entire population that in a short time acquires all the "human" defects. The text addresses, behind literary fiction, the whole society and denounces its vices that distance it from happiness based simply on love and solidarity, instead of greed and selfishness. On unconditional sharing rather than the presumption of science that only theorizes the laws of happiness. And this idea of happiness brings us back to the Gospel message – of pure love – of Christ, beyond all religions and before all power. Gabriele Lavia recounts that in several moments of his career he found himself confronted with this text: "The first time I read it to friends at 18 and I still was not an actor", "The dream of a ridiculous man is perhaps the most disconcerting work of Dostoyevsky", explains Lavia: "It tells the paradoxical situation of a man who, deciding to commit suicide, falls asleep in the face of the revolver and dreams of suicide".(scene photo Filippo Manzini)Tickets already in pre-sale:http://www.ctbox.it/C24/3796/Content.aspx/Events/Theater/TaorminaArte-Medea_-_08_Agosto_2020-Il_Sogno_di_Un_Uomo_Ridicolo_-_09_Agosto_2020.Xx_SJJ4zbIU