7/28/2020 - Dawn at the theatre on August 19th with Al passo coi templi
On August 19th the magic of dawn at the Ancient Theatre will involve the audience present with a unique emotional show: "In step with the temples - The Awakening of the Gods" written and directed by Marco Savatteri and produced by the House of Musical.Dance, singing, theatre will be combined in a unique and evocative performance, with performers transformed into animated statues. A historical reconstruction that goes back more than 2600 years, as the Commissioner, Bernardo Campo said: "It is an innovative spectacle. The young director is very good and has taken us back in time to our Greek roots." Tickets already in pre-sale:http://www.ctbox.it/C24/3828/Content.aspx/Events/Theater/ALBA_AL_TEATRO_ANTICO-Al_Passo_Coi_Templi_-_Il_Risveglio_degli_Dei-19_Agosto_2020_-_Taormina_19_08_2020.Xx_WXFpxfIU