7/28/2020 - Eleonora Abbagnato in Love on September 2nd at the Ancient Teatro
Love is a work in one time that sees the protagonist of love in all its forms, love for the environment, for the neighbor, for oneself, for the partner, for the children. The soundtrack will be a collage of various songs ranging from baroque music to Frank Sinatra songs. Love with Eleonora Abbagnato for the choreography of Giuliano Peparini on the stage of the Teatro Antico on September 2nd will be accompanied by some of the best dancers in the world of the Opèra de Paris and the La Scala Theatre: Hugo Marchand, Virna Toppi, Simone Agrò, Gabriele Beddoni, Gianlorenzo De Donno, Alessio Gaudino, Andreas Muller, Javier Rojas and Virginia Tomarchio.
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