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9/25/2018 - Entro a volte nel tuo sogno by Sergio Claudio Perroni, an intense theater piece on the 12th October at the Roman theatre
The verses of Sergio Claudio Perroni caress the soul, shake it, show the glimpses of absolute beauty, of mighty strength, which open on the  intensity of feelings, on the lightness of small gestures and universal emotions. Twelve intense lyrics that the author himself has chosen from his latest book, “Entro a volte nel tuo sonno” (La nave di Teseo, 2018)  will be played by Sergio Claudio Perroni himself on the 12th October at the Roman theatre, allowing us to explore, as in an ideal atlas of the soul, all the variations of existence -  fears and passions, wills and instincts, weaknesses and rebirths - to recompose the fragments of our daily inner dialogues, and give us the exact words to be able to recognize and to express them. .