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8/6/2018 - Schedule Taormina Art Sicily Foundation in Morgantina
Taormina Art Sicily Foundation this year also inaugurates its schedule in the heart of ancient Sicily in the magical Theatre of Morgantina on August 11th "Kkore. Singing of the heartfelt for those who have a heart "by Lina Prosa and on August 12" Empedokles directed by Enzo Gambino. "Kkore" with Sara Donzelli and Giulia Quagliarella, for the direction of Giorgio Zorcù, is one of the founding myths of mankind, linked to fertility and therefore to the future of the species. At the center there is a young woman, with her load of transgression, attraction, danger; The "Unspeakable Girl", as the philosopher Giorgio Agamben called it. The great dramatist Palermo Lina Prosa-the Italian author currently more translated abroad-has taken up the myth to create a new theatrical text in the center of which has placed the mother-daughter couple. "Empedokles", with Enzo Gambino, Barbara Capucci, Sandro Sciarratta and Edoardo Savatteri, is a modern tragic hero because exceeds the ontological splitting with the blame-atonement binomial. He is the victim of the violent tensions between nature and art, the son of his age, victim of tensions between the universal and the organic force manipulated by man. He is the very embodiment of destiny that only in the extreme choice can reunite subject and object.