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8/20/2018 - Empedokles on 29th August at the ancient theatre in Tindari
"Empedokles" between history and art at the Teatro Antico in Tindari on August 29. "Empedokles", with Enzo Gambino, Barbara Capucci, Sandro Sciarratta and Edoardo Savatteri, is a modern tragic hero because it exceeds the ontological splitting with the binomial guilt-atonement. He is the victim of the violent tensions between nature and art, the son of his age, victim of tensions between the universal and the organic force manipulated by man. He is the very embodiment of destiny that only in the extreme choice can reunite subject and object. Also with regard to his death there were received different versions; The most famous and certainly the most romantic, is that of suicide: it would have committed suicide by throwing crater taller than the Etna... only clue a fit of his bronze. Myth that Ben Confis to a character that sources pass on as an extraordinary man, a superior mind, no doubt much more modern than many of his successors.