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8/13/2018 - Orlando Furioso on 11th September at the Ancient Theatre
Orlando Furioso on September 11th at the Teatro Antico"Orlando Furioso" musical work inspired by the poems of Ludovico Ariosto and Matteo Maria Boiardo with lyrics and music by Salvatore Guglielmino is based on a contemporary direction and a minimalist scenic writing, which tells a succession of adventures, duels, loves and magic. Narra's love for Angelica, his madness, his deeds, his departure to Roncesvalles. The author entrusts the same narration to two characters also present in the fantastic adventures of King Arthur: the Magician Merlin and the Maga Morgana. In the introduction, during the celebrations to establish peace between Franks and Arabs of Spain, Angelica Princess of Catai, the female protagonist of the work, presents herself to Cavalieri and Saraceni at the court of Charlemagne. Angelica is beautiful, pretty, rich and unreachable. An expert in magical arts, she was sent by her father (King Galafrone) to the field of the francs to sow tares. With its beauty it upsets the great knights and the Saracens. Orlando falls madly in love with her but can not have her, Rinaldo first becomes infatuated and after he hates her, Ferrau (prince Saraceno) chases her through seas and mountains, but she falls in love with Medoro (a Saracen). Orlando is so in love that he, a very valiant paladin, goes mad, loses his mind that he transmits on the Moon and decides to leave the battlefield. Love towards the beautiful Angelica is stronger than that towards God and towards honor. In the epilogue, Orlando, who has now recovered his mind thanks to the help of Merlin and Morgana, shot dead in the battle of Roncesvalles tries to break his sword Durlindana. Failing to do so he collapses on the ground with his arms crossed waiting for death.