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12/10/2019 - Christmas at the House of Cinema
Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation from 21st to 30th December has planned a series of events at the Casa del Cinema and the Odeon Theatre to tell the story of Christmas through cinema, theatre, sounds and traditional songs. The programming opens on December 21 at 6.30 pm with "The Bells" by Charles Dickens, a tribute to the great English writer, a reading of the well-known story of goblins that takes up many of the themes and images of "A Christmas Carol" edited by Simone Corso, musical environment Adriana Mangano. On December 22nd at 6.30 pm it is the turn of "Harry's Christmas by Steven Berkoff" readings by Elio Crifò. Harry is a man of almost forty years who is preparing to live Christmas. Waiting for someone, an affection, an old love, a friend. Someone. But Harry is a single man, no one comes and Christmas is the blade of the knife that is turned into the scourge of its existence. Burning, touching and ruthless, Harry's Christmas is an emotional cage from which you would like to escape far, but there is nowhere to go. It is a portrait of a man's solitude and at the same time the hypocrisy of a society that often leaves us alone, even in moments full of emotions such as Christmas. On December 26th, 27th and 29th, 6.30 p.m. "Christmas Fantasy" an anthology of silent Christmas-themed films accompanied live by Maestro Giovanni Renzo on piano. On December 28th and 29th at 6.30 pm "Christmas Stories for Mr. Auster" a mise en espace between cinema, music and words, reading by Angelo Campolo live music by Nicola Oteri. "The Christmas Tale by Auggie Wren" is a story written by american writer Paul Auster in 1990 for the Christmas edition of The New York Times. The inspiration for the story came after he opened a box of Schimmelpenninck cigars - his favorite - thinking of the Brooklyn tobacconist who sold them to him. This led him to reflect on the relationships that are established every day in New York with people who do not know each other at all. On December 30 at 6.30 pm will be reproduced in a unique way with live accompaniment of the Soloists The Brass Group the silent film, black and white shot in Taormina in 1928 "The confessions of a woman" by Hamlet Palermi, a rarity.