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9/19/2018 - An extraordinary concert, music and songs by Gerschwin, Hathaway, Wexler,Sample
It is truly an all-round artist, ANNA BONOMOLO, long known to that public who seeks a type of refined music and at the same time a bit '"dirty", like the one that can give only the black singers. Next Friday for the reopening of the Roman Odeon, accompanied by an exceptional trio on the piano DIEGO SPITALERI, on the drums  GIUSEPPE SINFORINI and on the electric bass  FABIO LANNINO, will interpret the evergreen of Gerschwin, Sample, Donaldson, Hathaway, Wexler, King but also Pino Daniele, Stevie Wonder, Amie Winehouse, Annie Lennox. An extraordinary evening that sees a project realized by the Taormina Arte Foundation and the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park.