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9/13/2018 - September 21st with a jazz concert, the Odeon Romano reopens
The Odeon Romano is reopened thanks to Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation. A historical space in the heart of Taormina that returns to its natural destination of musical, theatre and literary representations. The reopening is the prelude to a project that will see the complete use of space with an accessibility that will reach 250 seats. A project already funded by Sensi Contemporanei and currently in the drafting phase of the public tender. The project is shared with the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park. In this way Taormina will have the enhancement of an important archaeological site, favoring its use to the numerous tourists. High-quality performances will be staged which will create a concrete cultural and territorial promotion, bringing the Roman Theater of Taormina back to its former glory. The reopening on September 21st at 6.30p.m. is with the refined jazz in progress and the typical atmosphere of pure improvisation jazz sound with the unique voice of Anna Bonomolo and an exceptional trio that accompany her for the occasion: at the piano Diego Spitaleri, at the drums Giuseppe Sinforini and at the electric bass Fabio Lannino.