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6/12/2017 - Taormina Arte performances at the Greek Theatre in Morgantina
It will be the first of the work "From Infinity to Hell", written and interpreted by Monica Guerritore to open, on 2 and 3 July in the Greek Theater of Morgantina, the bill of "Amphitheater of Sicily", the cultural event promoted From the Regional Advisory Board to Tourism.The bill was presented by Anthony Barbagallo at Piazza Armerina, which with the Villa del Casale will be the stage for the first time. In the Greek Theater of Morgantina will be staged productions made by the Taormina Arte Foundation, the Stabile Theater and independent artists. After his debut with Monica Guerritore he will continue with two shows produced by Taoarte: Taormina's orchestra and pianist Mario Galeani (July 14 and 21). The "L'Amleto" screenwriting will follow in the adaptation of director Andrea Elodie Moretti (22/7), and then back music, with the performance of the Wind Orchestra of the Conservatory A. Corelli di Messina (29 / 7).On August 4th will be the scene of Fedor Dostoyevsky's "The Dream of a Lazy Man," played by Gabriele Lavia, and Michele Placido's "Evening of Honor" (18/8). Two performances of the Stabile Theater in Catania: "Novelle per una anno" (15/7) and "Diskolos" (28/7)."Not only will the two locations, for the first time, be the protagonists of a calendar of events that will develop throughout the summer," said Barbagallo, "but on staged evenings it will be possible to visit the archaeological sites, including Venus Of Morgantina. I am very pleased not only for the quality of the productions but, above all, because we have realized a concrete territorial promotion of two of our most prestigious locations and tourist attractiveness. "