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9/24/2019 - The House of Cinema opens its hall to the archives of Taormina Arte
At the Casa del Cinema continues the programming with two exceptional films Saturday 28 at 16:00 Carne inquieta of 1952 for the direction of Silvestro Prestifilippo with Raf Vallone and Marina Berti. Peppe is a Calabrian boy who falls in love with Fema, belonging to a noble local family. The girl's father's refusal to propose marriage convinces the boys to flee, but is hampered by the population of the country. Following at 18:00 A love of Gide shot in Taormina in 2008 by the young director Diego Ronsisvalle with Olivia Magnani, Gigi Angelillo, Guido Caprino, Alessandro Haber, Mariano Rigillo and Nicola Di Pinto. Danielle Russo, a young journalist, is sent to Taormina by her newspaper, the Nouvelle Revue Litteraire, for a report. His investigation is about Truman Capote's 1950 stay. Together with a local journalist, he will find himself investigating a dark fact of black history that took place at the time. The protagonists were a group of well-known intellectuals: the writers André Gide and Truman Capote, the choreographer Jack Dunphy, the billionaire and art collector Peggy Guggenheim, the director Jean Cocteau and the actor Jean Marais. Also at the Casa del Cinena on Sunday 29 September the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation opens its rich archive and tells its thirty-six years of history for a unique afternoon in collaboration with the 11th edition of Naxoslegge.