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7/27/2017 - Gabriele Lavia in The dream of a ridiculous man
A naked stage, a face-mask, a deep voice for a playful piece, is a story by Fëdor Dostoevsky, directed and interpreted by an icon of Italian theater, Gabriele Lavia. The dream of a ridiculous man organized by Taormina Arte for the planning of Anfiteatro Sicilia, the cultural event promoted by the Regional Council for Tourism, will be on stage on 4th August at the Ancient Theater of Morgantina and on August 5th at the Ancient Theater in Catania. Dostoevsky conceives the dream of a ridiculous man as a fantastic story, written around 1876 and initially included in a writer's Diary. It's about the story of a man abandoned by everyone who traverses a dream journey to his life and the reasons why he has always felt alien to society. At the age of 46, the protagonist of The dream of a ridiculous man decides to put into practice the idea of ​​long suicide of suicide. However, he falls asleep in front of the loaded gun. Thus begins an extraordinary dream that leads to the discovery of the 'truth'. Applying to another planet, similar to Earth except for the soul of its inhabitants, is pure, innocent, and in that purity, for the first time, it is not used as ridiculous. But his arrival is not without consequences: it contaminates those people who in a short time acquires all the defects of the society from which he comes.