10/15/2018 - Patres, by Saverio Tavano, the award-winning play on October 20th at the Roman Odeon
The winner of the prize against the mafia of MEI 2014, the winner of the Inventaria 2014 Rome Festival, the second prize at the Theatre Festival of Resistance-museum deer (RE)-debuts at the Odeon Romano di Taormina on October 20 at 18.30 for the program organized by the Taormina Arte Sicily Foundation, the play "Patres", direction and dramaturgy of Saverio Tavano, on stage Dario Natale and Gianluca Vetromilo. "Patres" is the story of a young Telemaco from Calabria who waits for years the return of his father, paralyzed in anticipation, in front of the horizon that can only imagine from the darkness of his blindness, waits on a beach bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, puts his hands forward to see the horizon, he turns to the sea and waits for this father to return.