8/21/2017 - Moonlight Suggestions with Mario Galeani
The nights of summers in Sicily were magical in the most beautiful stone theatres, Tindari, Taormina, Catania and Morgantina, a programme of theatre, music and dance of excellence, rich, varied, very successful by Taormina Art for the cultural event Amphitheater Sicily promoted by the regional tourism, Sport and entertainment, Anthony Barbagallo. A calendar that closes at the ancient theatre of Catania on 24th August with the last concert, "Moonlight Suggestions", a production where the pianist Mario Galeani performs Sonata quasi una fantasia # 14 op. 27 No. 2 in c sharp minor and by Moonlight by Ludwig Van Beethoven; Nocturne op. 27 # 2 in d flat major, Notturno op. 48 No. 1 in c minor and Polonaise fantasy op. 61 in a-flat major of f. Chopin; Liebestraum # 3 (dream of love) by f. Liszt; Isoldes Liebestod of f. Liszt and Wagner; Concert paraphrase on "Rigoletto" by f. Liszt and g. Verdi. Mario Galeani is one of the most beloved and talented pianists in the world, a student of pianist Aldo Ciccolinie has collaborated with famous orchestras including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London.