8/9/2017 - Sounds and Light at the Villa of Casale
On Sunday, August 13th double appointment (21.00 and 22.30) in the splendid Villa del Casale, in Piazza Armerina, for Sounds and Lights, created and organized by Taormina Arte per Amphitheater Sicily, the cultural event promoted by the Regional Council for Tourism. The event, which has had a great audience success, revives the atmosphere of the Villa's past, including plays of sounds, lights and live music, and will be re-released on Sunday, August 20th.Sounds and Lights is a project that wants to bring the Roman villa to the original atmospheres with water games in the peristilium, with harpsichord music and harp through sound speakers and in some cases with the presence of musicians inside the villa, such as the Master Michele La Paglia, and with figurines that will animate the site dressed in Roman clothes. Some environments also see the presence of artists in Roman dresses, sculptors and painters who at the time and live of context-related works. The Basilica, on the other hand, is animated by an acrobaticwoman that appears to descend from above and floats with airy fabrics. Everything is impressive with artistic lighting specially made for the event. Tickets for the Sunday appointment at the Roman Villa of the Casale are available online at www.ctbox.it and at the Boxoffice outlets in Sicily. ANFITHEATRE SICILY is a project funded by the Taormina Arte Foundation, the result of a collaboration between the Regional Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, the Agency for Territorial Cohesion , The Cinema General Directorate and SiciliaFilmCommission, within the context of the Contemporary Sense Program.