8/29/2017 - A dear greeting to Pompeo Oliva
Taormina Arte remembers with great affection and immense esteem Pompeo Oliva, artistic director of the theater section from 2005 to 2008, and a member of the expert consultant who joined the Taormina Arte Committee in the eighties. Oliva has always been particularly linked to the world of theater and entertainment in general. In the seventies he was chairman of the Teatro Struttura Association, who has had the merit of contributing to the making of contemporary European theater through the production of Pinter, Beckett, Weiss, Artaud. From 1997 to 2004 he has been the head of the Superintendent and then Chairman of the Messina Theater Company, engaging in the intense production and programming of theater and prose theater. In 1998 he was awarded the Terracina prize in the annual exhibition of contemporary Italian theater. He is currently a lecturer in the organization of the theatrical performance in the faculty of literature at the University of Messina.