8/7/2017 - Monica Guerritore greats the sunrise in Tindari
It will be a unique awakening on August 12 for the inhabitants and tourists of Tindari. A delightful sunrise combining sky and sea in one of the most beautiful archaeological areas of Sicily, in a cave of an Ancient Theater facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. On the stage a luminous Monica Guerritore in the dark of an essential setting will lead the audience on a spiritual journey into the interior of each individual, a performance that tells a descent (and return) to the human soul through the verses of immortal authors. A literary journey in the human soul accomplished through the words of great authors who with passion and passion have been questioned about the meaning of existence. Words, texts, highly versed uprooted from their "known" place to give them the original and powerful meaning. From the Inferno of Dante to the Infinity of Leopardi through Pasolini, Morante, Valduga, Pavese, Hugo, Valery, Flaubert .... And then all the expressive power of Monica Guerritore and the strength of music from Wagner to Sakamoto, Barber / Bernstein , Craig Armstrong, Eleny Karaindrou accompanying the performance. "From hell ... to infinity" is a magical story written and directed by Monica Guerritore, staged by Lucilla Mininno, directed by Paolo Meglio and the production of Parmaconcerti srl. As the Warrior said, speaking of this show: "In my intentions, the strong desire to eradicate words, texts, high verses from their" known "place, to give it a" meaningful and powerful "meaning.It is replicated on the 12th evening at 21 at the Ancient Theater in Catania.Online Presale www.boxol.it; or all Boxoffice outlets in Sicily.