12/22/2016 - Taormina Cinema is opening
Taormina, its festivals and cinema. A long history of a life enclosed in an exhibition of explanation Taormina Cinema, the festival, the characters, the locations. A photo exhibition, but not limited to where each image, heirloom, award, newspaper article brings to mind the faces, events, the story of a festival and the city that welcomed and loved him, Taormina, seen not only as a venue an international film but also as "an open-air movie set festival" where large as Michelangelo Antonioni, Woody Allen, Luc Besson, Francis Ford Coppola and starring Roberto Benigni have made it into the film made history worldwide. A discovery tour of the fashion and culture, worldliness and entertainment, celebrity culture and tourism and social evolution of a survey started in 1955 in Messina and through more than sixty years became Taormina Film Fest 2016. This exhibition returns to Taormina historical memories but without falling into nostalgia, demonstrates the interest of world cinema, known and less known, to a city in embryo city of cinema, he says in each image and in all its dazzling display the love that all the players have tried and the demonstrated.The materials of the exhibition come from the archives of Taormina Arte, the Art Raft, the Photomovie Claudio Canova and from the archive staff to Dino Stornello. The exhibition, promoted by the Taormina Arte Committee is supported by the Regional Tourism, the City of Taormina, by the Agency for territorial cohesion, from Sicily Film Commission and contemporary Sensi.The exhibition will open at the former Magistrates Court Palace, Corso Umberto Taormina, Tuesday, December 27 at 11.00. It will remain open until June 20  (10.00-15.00). The cost of entry is € 3.00. For information tel. 3917462146, www.taormina-arte.com.