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8/13/2017 - Palermo Classical Symphony Orchestra
Put a starry sky, put a Greek archaeological area, put a group of young musicians, Classical Symphony Orchestra of Palermo, a great pianist , Sofia Vasheruk, and a great Director, Francisco Maestre and there will be two concerts of the highest level on 1th August at the Roman Theatre of Catania and on 20th August at the Greek Theatre of Tindari. The Piano Concerto n° 2 op. 18 by Rachmaninov, the most popular and performed four piano concertos of Russian composer, composed from 1900 to 1901. The music of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, op. 20, after the author's death, underwent various interpolations, cuts, tampering therefore is no longer like the original central theme remains that exposes the theme of fate, and the reason for the "Swan maiden."