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8/13/2017 - Michele Placido in An Evening of Honor
Taormina arte for Amphitheater Sicily a collaboration between the regional Department of tourism, Sport and entertainment, the Sicilian Regional Department of cultural heritage and identity, the Agency for territorial cohesion, the Directorate General Cinema and SiciliaFilmCommission, within the Sensi Contemporanei, presents An Evening of Honor with Michele Placido. On 18th August at the Greek Theatre in Morgantina, on 19th August the Greek Theatre of Tindari and on 20th August at the Roman Theatre of Catania. An Evening of Honor is a lesson in cinema, theater and poetry with Michele Placido, Gianluigi Esposito (vocals and guitar) and Antonio Saturn (guitar and mandolin), distributed by charlot srl. A recital that is meant to be a story, a dialogue between artist and audience. Michele Placido will interpret poems and monologues by great personalities like Dante, Neruda, Montale, Gabriele D'Annunzio, with lots of the verses of the most important poets and writers Neapolitans as Salvatore di Giacomo, Raffaele Viviani, Eduardo de Filippo.