6/30/2018 - Come un gatto in tangenziale Silver Ribbon 2018 for the comedy of the year
Come un gatto in tangenziale by Riccardo Milani won the Silver Ribbon 2018 for the Comedy of the Year; But not only that, the verdict sees the winners also the two protagonists: Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese, who have in fact obtained the recognition as Best actress and best Actor of comedy. The Syndicate of SNGCI film journalists have anticipated it today on the final verdict of the silver ribbons that will be delivered tomorrow Saturday, June 30, at the Teatro Antico in Taormina."A prize that represents the victory of the social comedy, a return that the tapes indicate emphasizing the importance of a cinema that amuses and Sobers, entertains and is set rich in comic and social cues. A perfectly successful film that combines comedy and commitment in the tradition of the best Italian comedy loved by the public. " A news received with particular enthusiasm by the director and the protagonists, rewarded by the tapes as best actors in the decade of comedy. In particular, here are the words of Riccardo Milani screenwriter and director: "Our cat" says Milani "wins 3 silver ribbons and I am happy and proud that after being so appreciated by the audience in the room, both been loved and supported by journalists Film and criticism. It's what I try to do every time I turn a film, tell with humour, contradictions and lacerations of our country, always having as primary references the public and the quality. I continue on this road "says Milani again" so with even more conviction and determination. I thank the SNGCI for such an important recognition and I thank all the people who worked on the film contributing, each one in a fundamental way, to the success Come un gatto in tangenziale