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10/27/2018 - The soloists of the chamber Orchestra of Messina enchanted the audience
The soloists of the chamber Orchestra of Messina, composed by Antero Arena and Joseph Arena on the violin, Rosanna Pianotti on the viola and Mirko Raffone on the cello, will perform the music of Mascagni, Mozart, Bach and Monti, concluding the autumn schedule at the Odeon in one of the most evocative corners of Taormina, the Roman theatre. Cheers for the four virtuous musicians who have enchanted the present audience. "Autumn at the Odeon" is a project created by the Taormina Art Sicily Foundation, financed by Contemporary Senses and shared with the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park to exploit an important archaeological site favoring its enjoyment to the numerous Tourists. During the month of October, niche and high-quality shows will be staged, creating a concrete action of cultural and territorial promotion, bringing the Roman theatre of Taormina back to its former glory.